Excellence Concierge Services

Focus on your Life

Based on the exotic Canary Islands, available throughout the world, THE CHOICE is an expert excellence concierge.

We help busy people to concentrate on their life mission, and to enjoy the best things that life offers. THE CHOICE will take care of the details.

Curated Experiences

This is the era of experiences. People are willing to live experiences, rather than own things.

That is why the THE CHOICE team is devoted to creating the best experiences, in a privileged and exotic environment such as the Canary Islands.

The Choice curated experiences

“Happiness, not gold or prestige, is the ultimate currency”

Tal Ben-Shahar


Your happiness is our ultimate goal

We distinguish ourselves by delivering services which are aligned with our passion and experience. THE CHOICE focuses on four areas:

Why The Choice?

The Choice Team

THE CHOICE is a multidisciplinary group of passionate professionals driven by the same passion: to provide our clients with the necessary help so that they can concentrate on their life missions.

We enrich our client’s lives through the experience of outstanding moments...your are The Choicers, and our partners are the Top Choice.

Your Best Guarantee

The Top Choice are the tourism, lifestyle, and events companies that are certified by our luxury industry experts. We follow a strict procedure to verify that all our partners meet the highest standards of service.

Our client’s satisfaction is constantly measured to make sure we offer the utmost excellence in everything we and our partners do.



We invite you to read and watch inspirational articles and documentaries about experiential luxury travel in Canary Islands and beyond.