Lifestyle Concierge

Open the door to a world of exclusiveness and excellence
THE CHOICE is a Canary Islands based concierge and lifestyle management company that apart from creating the best experiential luxury experiences, also meets the needs and desires of the most discerning client with regard to their personal life

The clients that demand this service are normally tourist that want to have access to the high quality things they are used to that make their life easier and enjoyable.

Many Europeans that buy their second home in Canary Islands also request our lifestyle concierge service since they need a discrete and professional service they can trust, that guarantees flawless execution.

Lifestyle Services

These are the main lifestyle services we provide our exclusive clientele.

But if you have any other requirement, do not hesitate to ask our lifestyle concierge who is at your service 24/7/365.


Why choose us as your Lifestyle Concierge

Do you think you may need a lifestyle management service but you are not ready to book yet? Click the lifestyle concierge button and we will schedule a free no-pressure consultation