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Your Luxury Elopement in Tenerife

The term elopement means to run away secretly with the intention of getting married. The difference between this romantic event and a conventional destination wedding lies in the fact that this “runaway” emphasizes the importance of the union, and the meaning it has for the couple, since they are the only people who will enjoy it, unless they bring some friends and close relatives.

However, a more traditional wedding involves inviting a large number of guests and the planning turns out to be more complicated, elevating also the cost of the event.

Elopements are the new trend

The truth is that lately there have been an increase in the request of this type of celebrations. Increasingly more couples prefer an intimate and private wedding choosing exclusive destinations that can offer a wide range of options, not only for the elopement celebration and shooting but to experience the perfect honeymoon.

The searching statistics on Pinterest tells us the demand the elopements are having, a 128% increase is a sign that couples are looking for more intimate weddings instead of a big celebration.

You do not need to sacrifice luxury

When you decide to celebrate your marriage just the two of you and maybe a couple of family members or friends, does not imply that you have to sacrifice excellence and premium services. You will not have to buy expensive flower arrangements for the guests tables but instead you will spend it on your special day an honeymoon.

Our customers are always looking for exclusive romantic experiences and to celebrate an elopement in Canary Islands will come with a selection of the best wedding photographers either local or international, the best hair and make-up artists, 5 star Michelin chefs or other exquisite gastronomy, incredible locations both for the ceremony, the dinner and the party, if you need a gorgeous bridal dress or groom tuxedos, we offer the best Canarian and worldwide famous designers: and of course the most exclusive hotels or luxury villas to enjoy your stay and honeymoon.

Why you should celebrate an elopement?

Among Spanish couples elopements are not common, Spaniards are more traditional. Others do not want to annoy their families and friends “running away” to get married without them. But there is no doubt that foreign couples do like this option. Those who choose to come to a destination like Canary Islands can be sure that they are going to discover magnificient locations and enjoy sublime experiences.

Large part of the wedding budget goes to their guest’s experience: the food, the invitations, entertainment and music etc. A luxury elopement on the other hand allows you to spend maybe not all that money, but a good amount on you and your future wife or husband.

Though this kind of celebration is not for everyone, it enables you to concentrate on your partner and avoid being worried about all the stressful moments that a larger and conventional wedding would imply, where you have to please everyone and make sure that your guests are having fun.

Your dreamed elopement in Tenerife

Canary Islands are famous for their exotic beauty, their forests, mountains, volcanoes, black sand beaches or yellow sand beaches similar to the Caribbean, you can enjoy one of the best climates in the world, in December or January you could even have an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Though it is true that we receive millions of tourist every year that stay at the best resorts, Tenerife, the largest of all the seven islands, offers a wide range of settings and exclusive experiences that most people have not discovered yet. Let us show you a sneak peek of the most beautiful places that you will discover here if you decide to celebrate your destination elopement.

A luxury stay

Tenerife is one of the few places in the world that is home to a great quantity of five star hotels within a small territory. You can stay at some of the most international renowned luxury hotels like Bahía del Duque, that has some exclusive areas like “Casas Ducales” and “The Villas”.

The Ritz Carlton flagship in Tenerife is Ritz Carlton Abama  that can be proud of having two prestigious restaurants like the M.B. and Kabuki, with 2 and 2 Michelin stars respectively.

You can also stay at Royal Hideway Coral Suites, one of the latest luxury hotels that has open its doors and that has received the  World Luxury Hotel Awards de 2018.

If you prefer an intimate and luxurious hotel with prívate pool and excellent service, you should stay at Royal Garden Villas that has also received the Luxury Lifestyle Award in 2018.

The south of the island of Tenerife is where all the five star hotels are, being Adeje the main location where you can find them. But there is one particular area of Tenerife that we truly love if you keep going to the south.

There is a little town called Alcalá, that is very close to “Acantilados de los Gigantes”, enormous cliffs that you cannot miss. In this little town you can stay at Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora.

This hotel has also been awarded by The world Travel awards as the best family resort in Spain and it has the largest infinity pool in Europe. If you prefer to stay at a no kids zone and have exclusive service and a private reception you can make your reservation at Red Level.

These are just a few examples of the luxury hotels you can find in Tenerife if you are planning your elopement and honeymoon here. You have also the possibility to rent luxurious private villas and have concierge services to arrange everything you need while you are on the island.

Locations with special charm for your elopement ceremony

Bearing in mind that an elopement involves just the two of you and maybe a couple of relatives or friends, to find a unique location for the ceremony and a romantic place for the afterward dinner or lunch would be an easy task. Tenerife is full of wonderful locations, but the best way to organize everything and get to those hidden places is with the help of a wedding professional or a romance concierge.

The “Teide” volcano

This is the most famous and higuest volcano in Spain that is also home to the first solar observatory in the world. This is a must in your visit to Tenerife and the place chosen by many couples to either get married in front of the breathtaking volcano or take their wedding photo shoot there. Local couples may not pay enough attention to this place because they are used to it but foreigners love visiting this marvelous setting and there is no other place in the world like that to celebrate an elopement. Moreover, on the way to “El Teide” you can make your photographer take shoots on the lookouts and from where you can see the “cloud’s see” which is a beautiful effect formed with the clouds.

Los Gigantes Cliffs

This part of the island is one of our favourites. If you want to have an awesome elopement there you only have to rent a private yatch or sailing boat and have a special and unique ceremony with the “Gigantes Cliffs” as the backdrop.

Its impressive vertical walls, that in some areas have a 600 meters height ,extend from Los Gigantes harbour to Punta de Teno, the most western point on the island. If you decide to have your elopement on board you can also see the dolphins and the baby whales and enter the Masca bay, where you can even have a private and romantic dinner which would be the icing on the cake.

The charming “Masca” Village

“Masca” is one of those beautiful places to discover in Tenerife. It is located on the northeast part of the island, in a town called “Buenavista del Norte” and belongs to a rural park called Teno.

Small houses with canarian style and architecture seem to hang from the mountains, where you can see the deepest ravines in all the island. Legend has it that this place was the refugee for the pirates that tried to hide and did not want to be seen.

From this incredible location you have a clear view of “El Teide”, part of the Atlantic ocean, and other canarian islands such as “El Hierro”, “La Gomera” and “La Palma”. The beauty of dusk from this place would be the perfect scenario for a wonderful elopement.

Anaga rural park

The Anaga rural park that has been declared Biosphere reserve, is located in the northeast region of Tenerife being one of the most ancient parts of the island. It is one of the most northern laurel forests in the world and this only occurs in regions with a warm and humid temperate climate. The laurisilva, the moss and the light filters in between the tree tunnels create an overwhelming atmosphere. This is a magical place for a wedding shooting or an elopement ceremony.

Several trails deserve attention, the “Senses trail”, the one in “Roque Taborno” from where you can feel captivated by the Anaga rocks that emerge from the ocean, and finally the enchanted forest. This is one the natural treasures you can find in Tenerife. If you are looking for a fairy tale wedding elopement, this is the place.

Taganana, Almáciga and  Benijo, dream coast and beaches

If you are looking for a beach to celebrate this special moment, we suggest you go to the coast triangle in Anaga, since this is a unique experience. This is a paradise with the largest number of endemic species in Europe, the reason it has been declared Biosphere reserve by Unesco.

You can start the journey in Taganana which stands for “surrounded by mountains” in the first inhabitants’ (guanches) language. If you go down from Taganana to Almáciga, you will find “Playa del Roque de la Bodega”, a beach formed by gravel and sand, an ideal and remote place for an intimate ceremony and photo shooting. If you go one kilometer further you will get to Almaciga beach, a black sand beach with strong swell and a little paradise for surf lovers.

Finally quite a long descent that will be worthwhile takes you to “Playa de Benijo”, where you can enjoy the idyllic scenery and where the sunsets are astonishing.

A vineyard ceremony

Did you know that Canary Islands have twentish autochthonous varieties and that only in Tenerife there are five denominations of origin?

If you are wine lovers the choice of celebrating your elopement in a vineyard would be fantastic. In Tenerife there are special conditions for the vine farming: ocean shores or more than three thousand meters height, the combination of different climates, the winds, rain, the piece of land that is volcanic in some parts, all these conditions lead to traditional vine conduction systems that are unique worldwide like the multiple plaited cord.

In the XVII century, wine was the only economic resource on the island and it was exported to the firs markets in the world. Nowadays canary wine is at its best moment as refers to quality and diversity, being a renowned wine around the world.

These are only some of the multiple options you have to celebrate an elopement in wonderful Tenerife locations. There are more hidden and wonderful places that we will keep showing you.

To sum it up, a destination elopement without your family and friends might not be for everyone. What is clear is that there is growing trend followed by couples of escaping from rooted traditions and their wedding turns out to be more personal. We believe that the people in your life who really love you, will respect your decision if you really want something more intimate, just the two of you, have a unique experience. If you are  happy they will be happy.

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