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The story behind THE CHOICE

Every brand has a story to tell, and we thought that the best way to start our blog was to tell ours; so that you can get to know us better.

I would like to tell you how everything started and the reason we created THE CHOICE. Apart from introducing you to our amazing team; excellent professionals that put their talents, expertise, passion and heart to the service of our community: that we like to call our “Choicers”.

About me

The mind and heart of this idea is me, Dorelis Padrón, CEO and founder of THE CHOICE. A project that has been transformed thanks to the contribution of a marvelous group of experts and that is what makes us special and different.

I remember once I asked a friend of mine if she could describe me only with one word, that could represent me. Do you know what she said? A tsunami!!

At the beginning I was not sure if this was a bad or a good thing. But then I understood that she said that because of my overwhelming personality, and the passion I transmit when I truly believe in something that has an enormous potential, and the fact that I do not stop even when facing obstacles.

This is probably what makes me have the skill to lead and make others share my vision, and want to be a part of this.

After studying hospitality management, spending some time in the United States and working in the tourism industry when I came back to Canary Islands, I started my own wedding and event planning business.

At that moment I knew that was my calling: to make people happy in one of the most important days of their lives. But after some years doing that, my restlessness and curiosity made me feel that there was something else that I had to do.

The Canary Islands: a fantastic destination

I observed that there was an untapped potential, the destination was not being promoted as it deserved even though the statistics showed something different.

We could not keep selling this fantastic destination only taking into account the fantastic weather, nature, etc…new markets and niches had to be found. And I realized there was one, the luxury tourism; especially romantic and wellness tourism.

I could not understand why Spain, and specifically the Canary Islands did not appear in the map of this type of tourism; that implies billions of dollars in revenue, and that could make a huge impact in the economy.

It is true though that sometimes the entrepreneur path can be lonely and daunting. I had a big and ambitious idea in mind: to position Canary Islands in the luxury tourism industry.

If there is one thing I am absolutely sure, is that we attract what we are and that what we believe in our mind we create in our hands.

I was convinced that the right people I needed to make this project come to life will appear sooner or later. And this is exactly how it all happened.

The Choice Team onboarding

The first person to be on board was Fred Bolge.  I was looking for a wedding photographer and I came through his instagram account and I realized there was something special in his photography, I loved it and I decided to contact him. On the 31st of August, 2018 we first met. I think I drove him crazy a little bit when I started talking about my ambitious idea, but this was what I call synchronicities because he also had a plan about bringing European couples to get married to Canary Islands, but he was alone and did not know how to do it.

Thus, Fred became our Art Director and the person in charge of all the graphic design, photography and video production together with Iombi García, considered one of the best 90 photographers in the world.

What I value most about Fred is the sensitivity he has in everything he does. His delicateness in the way he approaches design and photography, and the fact that he is self demanding. The reality is that I am the balloon that goes up to heaven with crazy ideas, and he has to pull the thread down sometimes. He is more pragmatic and realistic than me but I think that balance is necessary.

More experts for the team

In November of 2018 I enrolled for the second time in Mentorday, a startup accelerator in Tenerife. I am continuously learning from experts and business owners so that I can reach my goal easier and faster or at least avoid some mistakes.

I met wonderful people there, other entrepreneurs with very good ideas. But after doing the Pitch combat, I won again with my business idea (in 2015 was the first time I also won with my pitch).

Though this time I was not interested in winning. The fact of being voted as the best project one more time by a jury composed of business owners and professionals, made me realize that I had to keep going. And reinforced my idea about the necessity and the impact this can have in the tourism industry.

It was at this event where I met two amazing human beings and top professionals in the area of Marketing, branding, strategic consulting, SEO positioning among other skills. They are mentors at this event, owners of Grupo Magenta; and I was by chance looking for someone expert in their field to be part of this project.

Nana González has the same energy as me.She is constantly creating things, has a tremendous expertise in branding, marketing, market research, strategic planning and she is the one behind the naming of our brand. She is very passionate and enthusiastic when she believes in something; and she did  believe in THE CHOICE from the very first moment.

Juan Barham is the technical, analytical, risk controller guy. His role is fundamental, and he is in his element in front of his pc.


This is how the group was formed and how we began to plan, to create something very special; to put into action all the ideas that I had in my mind, from the investigation that I had been doing all these years.

We started with the brand naming; and while I write these lines, I think about that magical moment when we were doing brainstorming; and Nana came up with this name that she had dreamt of, THE CHOICE luxury concierge. We all knew that this was the beginning of something very important.

THE CHOICE has a very special meaning for us. In our lives we are constantly choosing, making decisions; what clothes to wear, what food to eat, which kind of car we want to buy, where to go on vacations; and other important and meaningful decisions, like the person we choose as our partner, or the one we want to marry with.


THE CHOICE team believes that love is the most powerful force in the world, and that it must be at the centre of our actions and decisions. We believe that we as human beings are here to enjoy life to the fullest and to serve others but to do that we need to be healthy.

That is why we are here to create the most amazing romantic experiences. To make you enjoy the most transformative wellness vacations, to give you the most important asset that is time; so that you can pay attention to the things that matter most and be present for those that you love.

We have chosen to follow our passion, and devote our lives with all our energy, excitement and expertise; to create happiness moments in people’s lives. As Steve Jobs said “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

Our intention is to provide the best life experiences and show the magnificent things and places there are in this incredible location, Canary Islands and the rest of Spain.

We will show you the “Top Choice”, which are the most incredible spots, idyllic locations, exquisite cuisine, entertaining activities, unique and authentic local brands, culture, nature, the most amazing sunsets…this will be a fascinating journey and we would love that you would join us.

Would you like to be a part of “the choicers” community? Do you choose us?

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