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Travel Agency or Concierge Service?

Most of us feel neither relief nor rest coming back from our holidays and to our daily routine. We have analyzed why this happens and how you could improve this situation.

A travel agent could book the flights for you, the excursions, airport transfers etc but you have to bear in mind that before and after the trip; however, there are travel preparations and certain tasks to do that only a Lifestyle Concierge company can offer, to guarantee your tranquility and the enjoyment of your deserved vacations.

Apart from the travel preparations there are work duties you have to deal with that can make you end up being stressed out before taking the plane.

Pack your suitcases, get vaccinated if necessary, passports procedures, currency exchange, taking clothes to the laundry, arrange your pets care while on holidays, last minute shopping, dealing with job pending tasks…….these are just a few samples of the things you have to  do before going to your dream destination and disconnect for a while from your work and family obligations.

After your trip and once you get back to your home, you will have hundreds of e-mails to respond, get the house cleaned, unpack your suitcases, do the laundry, prepare things for your kids’ school, go to the supermarket because your refrigerator will probably be empty and a large to do list that can put an end to your overall state of relaxation that you have had experienced during your vacations.

Just imagine for a second that you could hire someone who will take care of all those pre and post vacation duties so that you can fully enjoy your time while you are away and come back home completely serene, happy and ready to start again with your job and family obligations. This is exactly what a personal and lifestyle Concierge can do for you and here we show you a list of the benefits of hiring one:

Travel preparations

They will take care of all the travel preparations, while you can attend familiar meetings or finish with job duties before leaving. Buy some luggage, arrange pets caring, passports and paperwork that need to be done, etc

Travel planning

this is one of the most exciting moments about travelling and it is also necessary if you want to make the most  of your travel. A lifestyle and personal concierge has an extense list of trusted and certified partners in the tourism industry, that is why they can organize for you unbelievable experiential journeys.

Saving time and gaining comfort while traveling

you no longer have to wait in long queues at airports for check-in or wait for your luggage when you arrive. Concierge’s customers receive the best and special treatment from airlines and transportation companies. A private jet can also be arranged to go to your destination if you are looking for a high end level of service and more privacy.

No need to worry and problem solving

You have forgotten your umbrella and it is raining, you need to go to the dentist because one of your fillings fell off, you forgot your mobile charger…..any small or big problem is not an issue for them and you can relax and enjoy your vacation because you know that your concierge will solve it.

They create transformative experiences

We live in a world where the luxury traveller focus more on living great experiences like rides in balloons, climbing a mountain from where you can see astonishing scenery, go rafting or scuba diving in some of the most wonderful oceans, and at the same time they need to recover their inner peace, physical and mental wellbeing. Your concierge is specialized in designing tailor made experiences that can offer you rest, wellness and more authentic, passionate and exciting adventures.

A relaxed and stress free return to your daily routine

You get on the plane with your emotions running high from a magnificient travel, but the only thought of  coming back home to do so many things before returning to your normal life starts stressing you out. Let your Concierge help you with all the duties that you have to do such as cleaning the house, unpack the luggage, taking your clothes to the laundry, check your post and mails, go to the supermarket, etc. This is the only way you can go back to work feeling calm and having the sense that you have really enjoyed your holidays.

Organizing a trip counting on the help of a Lifestyle Concierge is the best option if you really want to enjoy the whole process from the very first moment you start planning the trip until you come back home and have to return to work.

If you are planning to go to an exotic destination and you decide to come to Canary Islands, contact THE CHOICE Concierge. We would love to help you plan your next holidays, one that you can truly indulge in and it becomes a transformative experience that you will always keep in your memory.

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